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  • Multiple important documents, that are overdue to be dealt with, are missing. Please plead Jesus' blood against Satan and his forces for us. Thanks.
    - Jan 16 2019
  • I urgently need healing, memory and mental organisation. It is likely a hypothyroid issue, and finally a test is ordered, but finances delay the test, and I am behind in much work, and need the work done urgently. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy for me. Thanks.
    - Jan 16 2019
  • I need to go do tests to verify if hypothyroid and diabetic, and had to delay due to funds. I now need to get back to the doctor, even without test results, as bad flu with my recurring /chronic bronchitis are on me. Both of us in the house are sick, and no funds. Thanks for praying.
    - Jan 15 2019
  • Please pray for my future husband, for my mother, and myself-- we urgently need miracles. Thanks.
    - Jan 15 2019
  • I was at the doctor one week ago, and have blood tests to do that should be done, with results by now. But finances prevented me, and now I need to go back to the doctor, urgently, with extra complaints and no test results. I need cash to go now and to do the tests. My mother needs her prescription filled, urgently, too, and I will need mine filled soon as well, but finances are tight. Thanks for praying.
    - Jan 14 2019
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. My elderly mother and I are both ill, but I am worse than she is. We each have multiple different complaints, some overlapping. Right now bronchitis has been added for both, and I feel horrible. There is work to do, and I am behind, and unable to catch up without miracleSSS. Please pray for many needed miracles. Thanks.
    - Jan 13 2019
  • special prayer for my sister Juliet Wright, special protection around her. Shield her from evil in all areas. Make mentally normal again. Remove all seen and unseen danger from around Juliet Wright. Heal her mind, body , spirit , soul. Take her off completely medicine. Give her back her youth..
    charles wright - Jan 12 2019
  • Please plead Jesus' blood against all demonic forces for Joseph, who is under Satan's attack. Thanks.
    - Jan 11 2019
  • I already have a long list of health issues, and have some blood tests to do (funds needed) to verify if hypothyroidism and /or diabetes are to be added to the list. I already move very slowly and sluggishly (I used to boast years ago about getting out fast in the morning, and always being early -- no more boasting now), and this morning, when I need to get to work, I woke up with pain in the lower right of my back, and the pain goes down into the right leg, making movement difficult. Please pray. Please plead Jesus' blood against Satan and his forces for me. Thanks.
    - Jan 09 2019
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please plead Jesus' blood against Satan on my behalf. Health issues are messing up my work, and I urgently need miracles. I have blood tests for diabetes and thyroid disease to do, as fatigue and sluggishness and brain fog are increasing. I need finances to do the tests, as the pocket is tight, and I don't yet have insurance at my months-old job. My elderly mother seems more energetic than I do, many times, but is also having health issues. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Jan 07 2019
  • Some exam papers are missing, and the grades need to be submitted now now. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Jan 06 2019
  • Please join me in prayer for satanic forces to be rebuked from our family, from our health and finances, from our work, from all that we have. Please pray for healing, for repaired cognition and memory, for energy physically and mentally. Please plead Jesus' blood on our behalf. Thanks.
    - Jan 06 2019
  • I missed an opportunity a few years ago, and greatly regret it. The current problem is that I cannot even remember why I did not make use of the opportunity, and was reminded of the opportunity a few times recently -- I don't find my response searching both my emails, or even the original email that I received, and searching my head is no better. Please pray for my brain. Thanks.
    - Jan 06 2019
  • I have many health issues, including depression and narcolepsy (plus chronic bronchitis, heart issues, Sickle Cell, scoliosis, etc.). I have hand-to-hand combat with demons to get anything at all done, and it is continually getting worse. I am constantly fatigued, and hours pass repeatedly with neither rest nor anything accomplished that urgently needs to be done. Time and energy to do things keeps decreasing, and what needs to be done keeps increasing. I am weary and weak and worn out. I need urgent miracles. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy on my behalf. I need my body and brain to function. I need to be able to do my work. If God wants me to work at all, then miracles are a must, otherwise I really would like to just lie down and sleeeeeep. Thanks for praying. God bless you.
    - Jan 06 2019
  • I’m living in the city of Portland, OR, and I will soon be graduating with a bachelor’s degree. I’ve attended different churches, and one regularly, but I haven’t had the sense that I’ve found a real church home, where I can really grow. Please pray that the Lord will lead me to a church home of His choosing. Pray for a church that teaches Scripture in such a way that people are growing, that is serious about home Bible studies. Pray for a church with powerful weekly corporate prayer, a church where there is also deep corporate repentance, where they preach holiness. Pray for a church where there is deep love, community and family, and also a church that reaches out to the community. Pray for a church where people’s lives are changing and growing. Pray for a church where I will be able to meet a godly Christian woman who will become my wife, and raise a godly family. Thanks for your prayers.
    Seth McAdams - Jan 05 2019
  • We live in a rural area in the Caribbean. We collect rain water in a couple of large black plastic tanks, not being connected to the national water service. It is the dry season, and our neighbours know that if they ask, they will be given some water -- but somebody didn't want *some* of what we had. They took it *all* in the night, Sabbath night -- I woke up and went to the bathroom after 1 am, and heard them outside, and heard the water running. No water is coming in our pipes now. Please claim Isaiah 33:16 with us. Thanks.
    - Jan 05 2019
  • Please pray for S, who is under satanic attack. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy. Thanks.
    - Jan 04 2019
  • Happy new year. I am fasting for New Year's Day, as it is urgently needed for multiple reasons. Please join me in prayer for God's divine help this year, specifically needing miracles in: -- job performance; health; finances; family and relationships; transportation; education; ministry; salvation for persons that I work with and for family members. Please plead Jesus' blood against Satan and his forces on our behalf. Thanks.
    - Jan 01 2019