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  • please resolve seating to my liking and safety at my job permanently
    charles wright - Oct 10 2021
  • My elderly mother and I always do sanitizing, masking up, spacing out, etc, when others won't cooperate. She has been following instructions to stay home for her age. Due to strong reservations regarding the current types available and the methods of implementation, we are not vaccinated. The other day, we hired a young man to drive us in his car to her eye doctor, wanting to avoid careless crowds on public transportation. He waited for us, and when we returned to the car, it was inexplicably locked up tight, with him inside, in the heat. When asked why, he said absolutely nothing. A few days after, we both developed flu-like symptoms, with hers being worse, due to her asthma. We have been on garlic, turmeric, cayenne, ginger, vitamins D and C, zinc, etc., all along [plus NEW START for years], being more used to flu-like illnesses over the years than the average person, and being cautious to have our natural "vaccines." We increased the use of these, plus steam inhalation and hot foot baths. Her moderate symptoms have eased up after less than a week [not completely gone], and mine are still mild, Hallelujah. I was checking information to get ivermectin, but have not heard back from the medical persons that I contacted. Despite this, we are improving. God is wonderful!!! Both of us have chronic bronchitis and sinusitis, and she has asthma, and both of us have many other underlying illnesses, but God's supernatural and natural remedies are working!! God is good!! She will be 82 next week. Praise God with us!! Please pray for continued improvement. Thanks.
    - Oct 07 2021
  • Please pray for our family's protection, as gangsters are after us. They tried killing us before, and God stopped them -- Please pray that He will do it again, even more gloriously to glorify His name. Thanks.
    - Oct 07 2021
  • Please pray -- some gangster neighbours keep trying to kill us, from poisoning to trying to shoot [God stopped it, Hallelujah] to deliberately exposing to infection in this pandemic. Thanks for praying.
    - Oct 04 2021
  • Lord, Jesus bless my church family to be healthy enough, mature enough, disciplined enough, clean enough, serious enough, thoughtful enough, to want to be trained well enough for country living without being lazy, for all the right reasons, living in the right area , around the right people, with no regrets for the purpose of being a witness for Jesus Christ for all the right reasons wisely and safely, with clean running springs, safe well water, fruit and nut trees, with health soul, without being single, and without deception, with health relationships.
    The Stanford Family of CHAFES Ministries - Sep 28 2021
  • The devil and his worshippers keep trying to kill this godly family--- poisoning, obeah/ witchcraft, stealing the food we plant and putting goats on the plants, deliberately exposing us to covid-19, etc -- & God keeps blocking + stopping them, as He did with John Revelator (though the other apostles and John Baptist got martyred), because He still has work for us to do.
    - Sep 27 2021
  • Please join me in prayer for God's Remnant to be full of Latter Rain Power, and for the devil's plans to be totally defeated in God's Church. Pray for all God's children to be united *in truth*, and not to push unity at the expense of truth, the way that the world and Babylon does. Please plead Jesus' blood on behalf of His Body. Thanks.
    - Sep 26 2021
  • Please pray about some serious meetings going on-- quite a few of them about now. Especially pray about the al_____ program today, for God's glory and Satan's defeat, by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Sep 25 2021
  • Please pray for my colleague P. Something is wrong, and I don't know what, but God knows. Thanks.
    - Sep 10 2021
  • Kellee was given poison by a trusted person, and won't take the remedy to the poison, as she won't believe it is poison until it is late, and the effects are obvious. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Sep 09 2021
  • Somebody keeps repeatedly releasing some smelly chemical/ gas at our windows in the night. It killed some pests and made us ill, but prayer and charcoal powder (at windows) are helping. Some keep photographing us, and suddenly stopping and hiding when they notice that we see them. Please join us in prayer against the devil and his servants. Thanks.
    - Sep 08 2021
  • B&G&J&K&co. are part of a devil worshipping cult in __, and have been trying to kill God's people via witchcraft and violence and persecution. Please plead Jesus' blood against the devil and his agents, to deliver these cult members from Satan, if they choose, or to rebuke them along with the demons if they don't want salvation. Thanks.
    - Sep 07 2021
  • Please pray with me that all code and algorithms deleting truth from social media & online platforms be immediately deleted instead from servers and from programmers' memories, in Jesus' name, and for restoration of deleted information. Thanks.
    - Sep 05 2021
  • Randy was spiritual, intelligent, and active in church, then someone tricked and drugged him, and now he is vehemently opposed to the right. Please plead Jesus' blood against the devil for him, and for some others like him. Thanks.
    - Sep 04 2021
  • I am sick, and so is my elderly mother with whom I live (many chronic issues each, recently worsening, covid-19 negative). Again, I am leaving the house when I should be arriving at work. We got news this morning of a friend's death, after Mom had an asthma attack. Please pray for the bereaved family, and for us, too. Thanks.
    - Sep 03 2021

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