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  • Father in heaven, please help me and these children. Help them to allow me to teach, to speak at the front of the class without shouting, and be heard at the back. Help them to sit &keep quiet &read what they should &write what they should &LISTEN and to practice to speak. Help those who always sit when told to stand and stand when told to sit and speak out of turn and are up and down and around the class like tornadoes and always bother someone or retaliate when someone bugs them to just STOP. Rebuke Satan and his demons from them and from me, by Jesus' blood. Help them to learn to hear and *speak* the language -- in Jesus' name, Amen.
    Teens' Foreign Language Teacher - Nov 16 2018
  • I am getting more and more behind at work. Reports to write, records to keep, etc etc, are piling up, and some things get left out altogether. Unscrupulous persons take items needed, and if records were kept properly before, the missing items would be less critical. My health issues are messing up my work, and others (*many*) are messing up my work. The archenemy is having too much success-- please plead Jesus' blood against all satanic forces on my behalf and on behalf of my work. Thanks.
    - Nov 15 2018
  • There is a child in an 8th grade class I teach who can never sit down, whose mouth can never stop, who can never stop bugging some classmate -- she is a tornado whirling around the class. (Many tornadoes are in that class and in the school, but she is very notable.) I learned that one night a purple mist covered her in her bed. I know that one of the demons that the Druids worshipped as "Pan" appeared to them sometimes as a purple mist and sometimes as a man-goat "Faun" creature. Now I know why she is a tornado in the class. Please pray for her (and classmates', and schoolmates') deliverance from demonic influence, by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Nov 15 2018
  • Please pray for the demonic persons in our group to leave now or to be delivered now, by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Nov 13 2018
  • About 10% of what I need to do gets done, and that I have to force myself to do. I am sick, weary, weak, worn. I live with an elderly family member who is in a similar state, but seemingly stronger than I am, despite age. We need either healing or some final rest now. We have prayed and been anointed and everything. I know of cases where terminal patients were anointed and it helped, miraculously. What is wrong with us, God alone knows. It is more than long enough time now. Thanks for praying.
    - Nov 09 2018
  • Thank you for your prayers I am in spain I am in straights, I have massage business in paris but God sent me here Please pray I need a nice place to stay, I just released my first album if you can pray for God to give me income from the music to find good musicians for many people every month to buy the cd and singles so I can live on music thank you I need a place to stay I am staying with a family now For a court case in USA so that I can go back to USA For my dad jacques to have hi contract renewed and new contracts for him and my mom and brother Billy to be saved For mom Suzan to be healed from lupus and brother billy to be healed from bipolar thank you Phil
    phil phil - Nov 07 2018